Privacy statement

Privacy statement

DeLaMar Theater respects the privacy of all users of its website and its guests and ensures that the personal information you provide us with, is treated confidentially. 

Data processing objective
DeLaMar Theater collects personal data of persons who purchase tickets with DeLaMar Theater, make reservations or otherwise procure products or services from DeLaMar Theater, of visitors of the website of DeLaMar Theater and of subscribers of the DeLaMar Theater newsletter (hereinafter jointly referred to as: “Guest(s)) for the purposes outlined below. Upon purchasing tickets, the purchasing party agrees to the privacy statement.

  • executing or having a third party execute payments via the website;
  • to submit tickets and any other products purchased by guests and to provide them or have a third party provide them with additional information with regards to the show that the tickets have been purchased or reserved for (for example to communicate changes with regards to the show);
  • for direct marketing activities (by means of profiling) pertaining to DeLaMar Theater, especially to inform the guest about DeLaMar Theater, the shows it sells tickets for and its (other) products and services, and to fine-tune this information to the guest;
  • to be able to submit the newsletter of DeLaMar Theater to guests who have registered for it;
  • to provide the data to Stage Entertainment (producer of shows), so that the producer can approach the guest for direct marketing purposes with regards to similar shows;
  • for statistical, analytical and research objectives; if necessary anonymized to make sure your identity is no longer in our possession;
  • to execute any legal obligations pertaining to DeLaMar Theater.

DeLaMar Theater is also active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram. If you contact DeLaMar Theater via social media, we process your data for the following objectives:

  • to answer the questions that you ask us via social media;
  • to contact you in case you participate in a campaign on a social media page of DeLaMar Theater. For the specific details on each campaign, please refer to the terms & conditions of that specific campaign.

Type of data
We only process data necessary for the execution of the objectives set out above. This includes personal details and identification data such as name, date of birth, gender, address, city of residence, purchased tickets, but also data you leave behind on the website, your clicking and surfing behavior and IP address. Personal data is not stored any longer than necessary for the execution of our service.

When performing actions like ordering tickets or making reservations through the website, you will enter your own data in a special electronic form on the website of DeLaMar Theater, and you can opt in to receive information from DeLaMar Theater about DeLaMar Theater, the shows DeLaMar Theater is selling tickets to and the (other) products and services of DeLaMar Theater, via email. 

Whenever we send you a message for direct marketing purposes, you are offered an unsubscribe link. You can use that link to make sure you are removed from the file that is used by DeLaMar Theater for direct marketing activities by email. If the link fails, you can send a letter or email to .

Unsubscribing from direct marketing or profiling
We may send you personalized information, for example based on your previous visits of DeLaMar Theater. If you want DeLaMar Theater to refrain from processing your data for direct marketing activities or profiling altogether, you can send a letter or email to our customer service department. You will be unsubscribed as quickly as possible. 

Security and storage of data
DeLaMar Theater has implemented technical and organizational security measures to protect the data in its possession from unintended or deliberate manipulation, loss, destruction and/or from access by unauthorized parties. DeLaMar Theater respects the privacy of its guests and ensures that your personal information is treated confidentially. The personal data is processed in a way that is in line with the requirements set out in relevant legislation. The personal data is stored on secure servers. Data pertaining to guests who have indicated that they want to receive direct marketing from DeLaMar Theater, is stored for as long as they remain subscribed. Once unsubscribed, the data is only used for statistical purposes. Personal data are not stored any longer than necessary for the execution of our service. DeLaMar Theater observes a 7-year term for storing personal data obtained. After this term, all personal data is anonymized.

Reviewing, modifying or removing data

Via My account, customers can create an account and log in to view their reservations and the personal data in DeLaMar Theater’s possession. The environment offers the ability to change your data. In addition, customers (who don’t have a DeLaMar Theater account) can request to review and receive their personal data that is in possession of DeLaMar Theater, and can have this data changed or removed per request. Customers may request their personal data by sending an email to

Cookies are small text files containing certain data stored on the hard disk of your computer by your browser, making it easier and quicker for you to browse the web as websites you have visited in the past already ‘know’ your computer. This means that when visiting a website on multiple occasions, you don’t need to enter the same details over and over again. Almost all leading websites use cookies to optimize internet traffic. DeLaMar Theater as well as the supplier of our ordering process, use cookies to make sure you are recognized next time you visit its website. Cookies allow us to collect information about the use of our services and enable us to improve and adapt them to the preferences of our visitors. We use these cookies for marketing purposes. They allow us to send you relevant offers. This may involve our personalized newsletter or special offers on social media or other websites. Our cookies provide information with regards to personal identification. You can configure your browser for cookies to be refused or to make sure you are notified when cookies are being submitted. Review our cookie policy.

Contact / Customer service
For questions about the privacy policy of DeLaMar Theater and regarding DeLaMar Theater’s processing of your data, please contact our customer service department:

Agreements pertaining to your data required for the execution of our services are always concluded in writing, ensuring the party's/parties’ commitment to observe the relevant legislation.

Edits to this statement
This privacy statement may be edited by DeLaMar Theater. The edited statement takes effect on the date of publication on the website of DeLaMar Theater.

Last edit: 9 augustus 2018.

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