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Isabelle Beernaert

La Dame en Noir

The Flemish choreographer, director and scenographer Isabelle Beernaert noticed that there is always a mysterious female character in black clothing making an appearance in all of her shows. This made her realize that there was a presence in her life of something that she was exploring unconsciously: the dark mother. La Dame en Noir is a spectacle in which dance, singing, spoken word, decor, music and visuals merge into a mystic and powerful experience. The sounds of North-African, Hebrew, Arabic and Iberian music will take you on a journey through all cardinal directions, cultures and languages. Looking for black. In black all colours are present, black absorbs. Black is the colour of rest, silence and darkness, which is necessary to make a seed sprout. Black is pregnant with light.

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January 2025

Fri 24 Jan 20:00
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Fri 24 Jan 20:00
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Isabelle Beernaert knows how to touch the hearts of the audience with her shows. She is a unique choreographer with the ability to translate the everyday, ordinary life into an extraordinary choreography. Her choreographies bring to life what every person goes through and feels at some point in life. The audience can recognize themselves in the feeling and story portrayed on stage.


Isabelle Beernaert The Company

Text, director and choreography

Isabelle Beernaert

Lighting design:

Isabelle Beernaert & Frederic Reggers


Daniel Philippe Borst i.o.v. Dancers On Stage België i.s.m. Stichting Dancers On Stage Nederland

Hall Wim Sonneveld hall
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