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DeLaMar is located at the Marnixstraat 402, a 2-minute walk from the Leidseplein.

Check Travel information

Look for the opening hours of our theater box office at Ticket sales information.

For evening shows, the box office is open from 17.00 until the start of the show. In the case of a matinee, the box office opens two hours before the show. The box office is closed when no shows are scheduled at the theater. 

It is not permitted to bring backpacks and/or weekend bags into the hall. Handbags are allowed inside if they are no larger than A4 size and no thicker than 10 cm. We ask you to leave bags at home or hand them in at the free wardrobe. Bags can be checked.

Yes, you can hand your coat to one of the theater officers by the wardrobe. Free of charge. You can also store your bag or suitcase at the wardrobe. An employee is always present at the wardrobe during the show.

If you have the tickets on your mobile phone and the barcode is legible, we can scan the barcode from your mobile phone. If not, it is necessary to print the tickets and show them at the ticket control.
You can download your tickets at any time from My account. It is also possible to store your tickets in your digital wallet here. We can also scan these from your phone.

If you arrive after the show has begun, a suitable moment will be picked for you to enter the hall while causing minimum disturbance to the cast and the audience. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee access or your own seat after the start of the show. If the show does not have an intermission, you may not be able to enter the hall altogether. 

DeLaMar has headphones for the hearing impaired. If you want a specific seat, we advise you to contact our telephone customer service. They can reserve a suitable seat for you in consultation. For more information, check Accessibility.

Blind or partially sighted people may bring an officially trained guide dog inside to guide them. DeLaMar regularly collaborates with Stichting Kom het Zien!. In collaboration with the theater, the foundation makes live theater experience possible for people who are blind or visually impaired. Check Facilities for people with a visual impairment for an overview of these shows.

Accessibility for people with disabilities
The street in front of the main entrance is car-free. Unfortunately, wheelchair users or people with a physical disability cannot be dropped off in front of the theater. The shortest distance to the entrance is the corner of Marnixstraat and Leidsekade (Google Maps). It is about a 1 minute walk from here. Theater staff will gladly refer you to your place in the hall.

For questions or to reserve wheelchair spaces, please contact us on +31(0)20-220 01 10 (opening hours).

We can offer booster seats for children or small people. These can be requested from the cloakroom upon entering the theater.

There is a shielded room that we can reserve before, during and after a show as a quiet room, pumping room or prayer room. If you would like to make use of this, please contact us at least 48 hours before the performance via the contact form (select My visit today/tomorrow as the subject).

When the reservation is confirmed, you can report to our theater box office or a theater employee in the entrance hall upon arrival at the theater. You will be accompanied to the room by an employee.
If you want to book seats in our hall that are close to this room, we recommend booking seats on the balcony at the end of the row in rows 3 to 6. From the end of these rows the exit of the balcony to the foyers is nearby.

An officially trained guide dog is allowed inside to guide you. You can contact us daily to discuss seats by phone at +31(0)20-220 01 10 (opening hours).

Parking garage Q-Park Europarking at the Marnixstraat offers two disabled parking spaces. As a visitor of DeLaMar, you will get a discount on the parking fee. This discount is only valid at the parking garage Q-Park Europarking at the Marnixstraat. Check Travel information for more information.

Amsterdam residents with a valid Landelijke Parkeerontheffing (LPO) [National Parking Exemption] or a valid European disability parking card (GPK), may park anywhere in Amsterdam with a digital parking permit. For visitors of Amsterdam, with a disability, a day pass is available for free parking in regular parking spaces. This day pass can be obtained at the City of Amsterdam

There are several hotels in the immediate vicinity of DeLaMar. DeLaMar has exclusive collaborations with Clayton Hotel Amsterdam American. DeLaMar visitors can book a stay thishotel with discount via a service email you'll receive 10 days before you visit our theatre. For more information, check Spend the night in the area.

Have you lost something during your visit to our theater? Let us know via the contact form, with the subject 'Lost property'. We will let you know as soon as possible if we have found your lost item.

After 3 months we will give found objects a new destination.

The all shows page allows you to click on any show for further details. This is where you will find all the information about the show. 

The duration of the show can be found directly below the title. It is possible that the duration is not yet known and is therefore not yet mentioned.

If programme booklets are available for the show, you can find them at the merchandise desk in the entrance hall at DeLaMar.

DeLaMar welcomes all ages. In principle all of our shows are suitable for (young) adults (16+) unless stated otherwise. When a show is specifically targeted at young visitors, it will be stated explicitly in the show information on our website. If no age is specified, we cannot exclude the show contains elements that some may consider less suitable for younger visitors.

If we are aware of possible triggers in a show in advance, we will state this on the information page of the show in the drop-down panel 'Possible triggers' (under 'Prices'). This may include, for example, the use of stroboscopic effects that may cause epileptic seizures. But it can also be about sensitive subjects, direction choices or language that people may experience as unpleasant or offensive (like physical violence, discriminatory expressions and nudity on stage). We will do our best to be as complete as possible. Unfortunately, we cannot rule out a show still may contain elements that are experienced as triggering by some people.

Tickets for all shows in DeLaMar can be purchased online, by telephone or at the theater box office. Our website is always up. For the opening hours of the customer service, see Contact. You can find the opening hours of our theater box office at Ticket sales information (note, you cannot pay cash in DeLaMar).

Ticket sales via our website are completely secure. Do not purchase tickets from unauthorized dealers. You often pay high prices and do not get a refund if the performance is cancelled. For a list of official sellers and tips on how you can help combat resale, visit

It is possible to book a group arrangement for a group of more than 16 people. DeLaMar offers various theater packages such as a drink package. All group arrangements in combination with performances in DeLaMar are provided by Bookx. Make a reservation immediately or contact us via or 020 – 765 20 22 for an unforgettable night out for you and your guests.

To reserve a wheelchair space, you can contact us daily by telephone on +31(0)20-220 01 10 (opening hours). Unfortunately, it is not possible to reserve wheelchair spaces directly via our website.

The wheelchair spaces are located in first class of the hall. 

For more information about the accessibility of our theater, see Wheelchair accessibility.

If you use a wheelchair or walker and you are able to enter the ground floor independently, your wheelchair or walker will be placed outside the hall. We recommend you reserve seats on the ground floor (not on the balcony) and in the aisle. Our employees are happy to help you select the most suitable places.

The balcony is only accessible via stairs (with handrails) and slopes quite steeply and is therefore less suitable for people who have difficulty in walking or people with a fear of heights.

More information about the layout of our halls can be found on Floor plans.

For more information about the accessibility of our theater, see Accessibility.

Do you have a question? Please contact us via Contact.

More information about the layout of the hall and which seats have more legroom can be found on the page Floor plans.

By default, €5.00 transaction costs are charged per booking. For some large (musical) productions, the transaction costs are €6.00. The amount of the transaction costs is always clearly stated on the presentation page under 'Prices'. If you buy 1 ticket, you will only be charged €3.50 transaction costs. The transaction costs are automatically added to your order after you select the number of tickets you want and continue through the sales process.

Sending e-tickets is free, for mail we use a rate of € 4.20.

Why do I pay transaction costs?
The transaction costs that are charged per booking cover the costs that DeLaMar incurs for the ticketing system, the payment system and the administrative processing of each booking. Some other theaters choose to charge these fees per ticket. Because a large part of the aforementioned costs are incurred for us per booking, we have chosen to also charge these per booking. Each theater calls these costs differently, such as order costs or service costs, but with us these costs are called 'transaction costs'.

DeLaMar accepts multiple gift cards.

DeLaMar credit voucher/gift card
Your DeLaMar Credit Voucher/Gift Card can be redeemed online, by telephone and at the box office of DeLaMar. For more information, check out FAQ.

Podium Cadeaukaart en Kunst & Cultuur Cadeaukaart
With a Podium Cadeaukaart en Kunst & Cultuur Cadeaukaart you can purchase tickets online and at the box office of DeLaMar for shows in DeLaMar. When you use the gift card online, you need a six-digit security code (also known as a pin code). This is stated on the back of the cadeaukaart below the gray scratch layer. The card number and pin code can be entered at the very end of the purchase process where you must choose the correct payment method (PIN, credit card or gift card). If the amount to be paid is lower than the balance on the cadeaukaart, the remaining amount will remain on the card. If the amount to be paid is higher than the balance, you can pay the remaining amount with another payment method.

Theater and Concertbon
The paper Theater and Concertbon, predecessor of the Podium Cadeaukaart, can only be redeemed at the box office of DeLaMar. If the amount to be paid is less than the value of the voucher, the difference cannot be paid.

DeLaMar Theaterbon
The paper DeLaMar Theaterbon is no longer issued. Old DeLaMar Theaterbonnen can still be exchanged, but only at the box office of DeLaMar.

Certainly. Our DeLaMar gift card can be spent on all regular shows in DeLaMar and is valid for two years after issue. The gift card can be purchased via DeLaMar gift card or at the theater box office in DeLaMar.

The voucher can be exchanged for all shows that are for sale via this website.

1. Go to the show of your choice*
2. Choose a date and click on 'Buy tickets'
3. At the end of the ordering process you must fill in your personal data. Here you will also find a heading 'Gift card / Credit voucher'. Enter your voucher code and pin code here. Any amount will remain on your voucher as long as the voucher is valid. You can still use this credit for a next booking.

All outstanding credit vouchers or gift cards can be found in your account under the heading 'Gift cards'. Here you will also find:

  • Validity period
  • Balance credit
  • Voucher code and pin code (if your voucher was issued before December 18, 2022, the last 4 digits of the voucher number are also your pin code)

Can't find a solution via the website? Your voucher can also be exchanged by telephone or at our theater box office.

* Did you receive a (corona) voucher for a canceled show of Lazarus? Then the voucher can unfortunately no longer be exchanged with us or paid out by us. For these requests, please contact the producer of Lazarus (Stage Entertainment) via their contact form or via telephone number 0900-1001030 (45 cpm).

Have you received a DeLaMar gift card as a gift from someone else? You can do a balance check here. Here you will also find the expiration date of your gift card.

Have you previously booked tickets with DeLaMar and would you like to check the balance of your own DeLaMar gift card? All outstanding balances of DeLaMar gift cards can be found in your account under the heading 'Gift cards'. Here you will find the following information:

  • Validity period
  • Balance credit
  • Voucher code and PIN code (if your voucher was issued before December 18, 2022, the last 4 digits of the voucher number are also your PIN code)

Unfortunately this is not possible. However, have you received a credit voucher because a show has been canceled or moved by us? In these cases it is possible to have the voucher credit paid out.* For a refund of your voucher, please contact our customer service via our contact form. We request that you include the email address on which you received the voucher and your bank details in your message.

* Did you receive a (corona) voucher for a canceled show of Lazarus? Then the voucher can unfortunately no longer be exchanged with us or paid out by us. For these requests, please contact the producer of Lazarus (Stage Entertainment) via their contact form or via telephone number 0900-1001030 (45 cpm).

The Podiumpas has been valid at DeLaMar since February 13, 2023. See Podiumpas for more information about the Podiumpas.

If you have a student card, you can buy a maximum of 2 tickets with a 50% discount on the day of the show. This can be done online from 12:00 on this website and during opening hours at the box office of DeLaMar. We would like to ask you to book online as much as possible to avoid crowds at the cash register.

That is possible. You can find this invoice in the original order. Find the email with the confirmation of your order and click on 'View order' in the email, or log in to your account and view the correct order. The order overview of your order meets all requirements that a VAT invoice must meet according to the Tax Authorities. You can save this order overview. Use the print function in your browser for this. In most modern browsers (on both PC and mobile) you can save the overview as a PDF file via the print function. You can use this pdf file for your administration.

If you have opted for e-tickets, you can download them at any time by logging in to your account. If you have lost the tickets by post, please contact us Contact.

You can also request a copy of your tickets at the box office of our theater upon presentation of a valid proof of identity. This is only possible on the day of the performance.

Unfortunately, there are no waiting lists for sold-out shows. 

Our exchange policy
If you cannot use purchased tickets, it is possible to exchange the tickets up to a maximum of one week before the show for another show in DeLaMar. A refund of your purchase is not possible. Exchanging the tickets is free the first time, after that we charge €2.50 per ticket. If the price for the tickets for the alternative show is higher, you will have to pay extra. If the price is lower, you will not receive the difference back and the old price  will also apply to the new show. No retroactive offer or discount can be applied to a previous order, and no refunds will be made on a previous order.

How can I exchange my tickets?
You can easily do this yourself online. Find the confirmation email of your original order and click on 'View order' in the email. If you cannot find the email, you can also access your order by logging into your account. In the overview of the relevant order you will find a button 'Exchange tickets'. Next to this button it is stated how many times you can exchange for free or whether there are costs for the exchange. As soon as you click on the 'Exchange tickets' button, you can choose another beautiful show and your desired seats. If you have to pay extra, this will be shown automatically and you can pay this immediately. After completion you will of course receive a confirmation of the exchange in your mailbox with the tickets for the new show.

Did you buy your tickets at the theater box office? Or have you bought tickets for a special promotional rate and would you like to exchange them for another production, but this is not possible online? Then please contact our customer service. Different conditions may apply for this.

The stage at Jesus Christ Superstar takes the form of a round stage arena, on which visitors can take a seat in so-called Super Seats. On a Super Seat you become part of the musical. You don't have to participate in the performance, but because the story takes place around you and you experience everything up close, you are even more drawn into the experience. You will not receive a row and seat number, but you will be taken to your seat via a special route prior to the show, where you will take a seat in the decor on the stage.

What is the difference between Super Seats 1 and Super Seats 2?
With a ticket for Super Seats 1 you actually get your own seat (these seats can vary in type). The price for these seats is equal to the first rank in the room.
Super Seats 2 are specially reserved for pupils and students. These are the cheapest seats and in these seats you will sit on a (double) bench that you share with another visitor during the show. (Did you book a ticket for Super Seats 2? Please bring a student pass with you when you visit; you may be asked for this.)

Am I not just facing the backs of the actors since the seats are at the back of the stage?
The Super Seats are arranged in a semi-circle like a stage arena at the back of the stage. The staging is really made with the audience on stage in mind, so you're not just looking at the backs of the actors. There will also be no set pieces in front of Superseats.

Is the sound on the Super Seats as good as in the hall?
The technology will be arranged in such a way that the sound in the Super Seats is just as good as in the hall.

Will I be expected to join the performance from a Super Seat?
No, you do not have to participate in the show. You experience the story from very close, of course, but there is no audience participation.

Are Super Seats accessible for wheelchair users or people who have difficulty walking?
Because the other Super Seats are at different heights, the seats are only accessible via several stairs and the floor may be uneven. That is why we advise people who have difficulty walking not to choose Super Seats and to book a regular seat in the stalles. Places for wheelchair users can only be booked in the hall and not on the Super Seats.

It differs per show when the doors of the hall are opened, but we are happy to welcome you in one of our foyers from one hour before the start of the show. You can take a seat here while enjoying a drink or snack until the doors open.

Look for the opening hours of our theater box office at Ticket sales information.

We want everyone to feel at home in DeLaMar. To ensure that everyone can enjoy a pleasant theater visit, we work together with various organizations that are committed to an inclusive theater experience. See Accessibility for more information.

Drinks & snacks
From an hour before the start of the show and after the show you can enjoy a drink in the beautiful foyers of DeLaMar.

Do you fancy a snack and drink during the break or after the show, but would you rather not stand in line for the bar? Then book a drink & snack arrangement in advance. To do this, open the order overview via the order confirmation in your mailbox or log in via My account. Go to the order with the correct presentation and click on 'Complete your visit'. An drink & snack arrangement can be booked up to 24 hours before the start of the show. Drink & snack arrangements can also be ordered at the bar upon entering the theater (based on availability).

Have lunch or dinner
Start your theater visit at Café Americain, an iconic grand café less than a minute's walk from DeLaMar. A restaurant package can be booked online up to 5 days before the start of the show via My account. Go to the correct order and click on 'Complete your visit'. View all options at Café Americain.

Please note: you cannot pay cash in DeLaMar.

In My account you can view all orders for shows for which you have purchased tickets (in the future or in the past). Within your order you can:

  • download or forward tickets
  • issue an invoice
  • exchange tickets for another date or show (up to 1 week before the show)
  • make restaurant reservations (up to 5 days before the show)
  • order additional drinks packages (until 6 hours before the show)
  • view gift cards with card number, pin code, validity period and balance

You can also view and possibly change your personal data in My account.
DeLaMar has had a new ticket system since December 19, 2022. Did you have an account with our former ticket system Eventim? Then you will have to reset your password. You can easily do this via Forgot your password? Your username is your email address.

You log in with your e-mail address and password via My account.

Do you already have an account? Then you can log in to change your personal details. If this does not work, you can contact us via the contact form.

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