Facilities for people with a visual impairment

People with a visual impairment are welcome to bring an officially trained guide dog to our theater. You can contact our customer service by telephone to discuss suitable places for this.

In addition, we offer in collaboration with the foundation Komt het Zien! special shows that are also suitable for people with a visual impairment. When you book tickets for one of these shows, you will receive an introduction to the show to help you orientate yourself. Before the show, an interpreter for the blind explains what the hall, the set and the costumes look like, and the actors introduce themselves and their characters. Props and costumes can also be viewed up close. During the show you can listen through headphones to a blind interpreter who describes the visual aspects of the show live. This way you don't have to miss a thing of the show!

Book your tickets for a show with audio description via the special booking page (in Dutch). There are also some places reserved for people who, due to their visual impairment, wish to sit close to and directly in front of the stage. These places are not visible in the booking process. For these places we ask you to contact us by telephone. 

Please note that audiodescription with all shows is in Dutch. Contact Komt het zien! to check if English audiodescription is possible.

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