A turbo-slapstick performance
Duration: 1 hrs 20 min without intermission
Wim Sonneveld hall

Acrobatic tricks, comical scenes and visual effects tumble over each other in a spectacular ode to the action movie. In Knock-out we witness gambling addict Larry and his unhappy wife Buffy getting kidnapped. Larry’s wealthy father receives a request for ransom, but some unwelcome guests appear on the father’s way to the hostages. A spectacular fight breaks out in which all physical limits are stretched: people are dangling in the sky or getting squashed against a wall, but continue to fight as if nothing has happened. And then there’s a mysterious cowboy with a guitar, who connects everything with his songs. This show is a real rollercoaster, made by Jakop Ahlbom Company (known for the international success of Horror and Lebensraum) and ISH Dance Collective. 

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Suitable for kids/teenagers?

The fights in this show are purely pre-coordinated stunts. It is partly because of these spectacular acrobatic scenes that we consider Knock-out especially suited for teenagers and older children, but we leave this entirely to the judgement of the parents.


Director: Jakop Ahlbom
Choreography: Marco Gerris
Music: Leonard Lucieer
Producer: Jakop Ahlbom Company in collaboration with ISH Dance Collective and DeLaMar Theater

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