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What are cookies?

Cookies are used on this website, and during the ordering process provided by our supplier Eventim. Cookies are small, simple text files stored by your computer or mobile device as you use our online shop. The information stored within it can be re-submitted to our servers or those of the associated third parties upon your next visit. Eventim's ordering process has its own cookie notification for accepting cookies and viewing & adjusting cookie settings. View Eventim's privacy and cookie statement. 

Cookies used
Below you will find an overview of the cookies we use, including the objectives of their use and the third parties involved. When using the website of DeLaMar, functional and analytical cookies will be saved on your internet browser ('Minimal cookies'). Advertising cookies (or tracking cookies) will only be saved if you have given explicit consent ('Accept'). 

Functional cookies
These are required for the website and the ordering process to function. This involves functionalities such as the shopping cart and checkout. In addition, we use JavaScript, a programming language, for certain interactive elements such as the menu. These interactive elements cannot function without JavaScript cookies.

Analytical cookies
With the help of third parties, we use analytical cookies to collect statistics about how our website is used by our users. Measuring website usage allows us to continue improving our website to the benefit of our users. We use Google Analytics for placing analytical cookies (cookie expires after 24 months). We have set up Google Analytics in a privacy-friendly way, in accordance with the associated directive by the Data Protection Authority. In addition, Hotjar (the cookie will expire after 365 days) helps us to understand how users will make use of the website (by monitoring mouse movements, clicks and scrolling, etc.)

Ad cookies
Our tracking cookies enable us to collect data regarding your clicking and surfing behaviour (including websites you have visited), your IP address or addresses and the device used. We use these cookies for marketing purposes. This allows us to send you relevant offers. This includes our personalised newsletter or offers on social media. This also enables us to show you relevant ads. In order to stimulate ticket sales for our shows, we advertise at various third party websites. We try to align the ads with your interests as much as possible. We procure advertising space with media agencies and ad networks. They function as intermediaries between website owners and advertisers. We use cookies for Google Ads Conversion Tracking (cookie expires after 30 days), Google Ads Remarketing (cookie expires after 30 days), Facebook Pixel (cookie expires after 28 days), LinkedIn (cookie expires after 24 months), Adcrowd (cookie expires after 9 months), Doubleclick (cookie expires after 12 months) and Google Analytics (cookie expires after 12 months). We also use Google Analytics to measure your surfing behaviour across different devices and sessions. Cookies will also be saved on your machine if you make use of the chat function (Giosg, cookie expires after 24 months).

If you have chosen not to allow any marketing (tracking) cookies, a no-follow cookie will be placed on your machine for the sole purpose of recording the choice you have made.

Google Analytics 
The version of Google Analytics we use is able to distinguish between users who have given consent for the use of advertising cookies and those who have not. This option is called Allow Ad Features and ensures that only the data of users who have explicitly given consent as described above will be used for advertising purposes and shared for that purpose with Google. In the case of users who have not given consent, the final octet (the final 3 numbers) of the IP address is masked by Google. For further details, see also the technical information. When applying the Allow Ad Features, DeLaMar complies with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation. The application of these features ensures privacy by design and Google Analytics complies with the user’s choice whether to give or withhold consent for the use of advertising cookies.

Changing cookie settings or removing cookies
Change your settings for

If you do not want websites to place cookies on your computer at all, you can change your browser settings to make sure you get a notification before cookies are placed. In addition, you can change the settings to make your browser refuse all cookies or only those of third parties. You can also delete cookies that have already been installed. Keep in mind that you need to adjust the settings for each browser and each device separately.

You can disable cookies from specific parties at By deleting all cookies, you may cause certain elements of this website to stop functioning.

DeLaMar maintains the right to modify this cookie policy. Any modification will be published on this page. We recommend to review this cookie policy regularly, to make sure you are always up-to-date on the content of the current cookie policy. For more information about how DeLaMar processes your data, please refer to our privacy statement.

Last edit: January 20, 2022

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