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Our Grand Café is the perfect spot to usher in or conclude a theatre visit. You can always enjoy a great lunch, dinner and post-show drinks here or book intermission packages.
Grand Café

The options

Whether you choose the warm look and feel of our atmospheric Grand Café or the gorgeous view from our large foyers, our entire theatre offers excellent food and drink options.


Lunch and dinner

The atmospheric Grand Café offers delicious dinners, a wide selection of wines and surprising (non-alcoholic) cocktails year-round. Let the varied menu, composed by our chef Peter de Vries, surprise you.  In addition, this restaurant is open on Sundays for a lavish lunch.


Intermission arrangement

Want to have a snack and a drink during intermission, but prefer not to wait in line for the bar? Book an intermission arrangement beforehand. Our staff are happy to ready it for you at the Grand Café or in one of our foyers, so that you can enjoy a smooth evening at the theatre. For just €8.50, we will have delicious snacks and drinks ready for you at the start of the intermission.

Spieghel Foyer DeLaMar Theater3


You can have delicious drinks at DeLaMar Theater’s beautiful foyers both before and after the show. Enjoy our elaborate bar assortment with a view of the Amsterdam facades of the Marnixstraat. Or marvel at the gorgeous photo collection in DeLaMar Theater's various foyers.

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