A green theatre

At DeLaMar we will do everything possible to be as green as we can be. Below you can find the things we already have achieved and hope to achieve in the future.

Green Key

Since February 2012 we are the proud owners of the golden Green Key certificate. Green Key is the international hallmark for companies in the tourism and recreation sector that are seriously and controllably engaged in environmental care. Our Green Key certificate guarantees the commitment of DeLaMar to do more for the environment than the laws and regulations require from us.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Since the opening of DeLaMar, we consider environmental protection as one of our most important objectives. Our policy is to implement the business in such a way that the environment is protected and that the safety and health of our employees, visitors, suppliers and the public is guaranteed.


Our building is equipped with a heat - cold storage. During the winter hot water is pumped up from the ground into the storage and during summer it pumps cold water (from a more shallow layer) into the same system. The cold surplus in winter is given back to the cold storage to use in the summer. This also happens the other way around: the heat surplus in the summer is returned to the heat storage for the winter. This is much more energy efficient than traditional heating and cooling. DeLaMar Theater is also very well isolated, so little heat is lost. The front facade of our theater is even extra isolated with 3-double glass.

There are special filters throughout the building that improve air quality. The air quality is even that good that the air inside the building is considerably better than outside.

Additional energy comes from a collective called WDM energy. This green energy is coming through a collective so that there are hardly any peaks in consumption and we have agreed green and sustainable conditions for all members. Our gas consumption also decreases due to cooking on induction. Our entire building is illuminated with LED lighting.  With the exception of the theater lamps in the theater halls, which are currently being replaced in phases.
On our roof you can find your own bee colony. Through the Beelease foundation, we are committed to maintaining the bee in general and the honeybee in particular.


In the area of food and drink we are also actively engaged in acting as sustainably as possible. In our restaurant we serve as many dishes of seasonal products as possible. In addition, we opt for locally produced products. Examples of sustainable products that we offer are Bionade and Tony's Chocolonely. Bionade is a unique refreshing drink that is brewed biologically on the basis of natural ingredients. With the arrival of Tony's Chocolonely we have completely switched over to this chocolate supplier. Only slave-free chocolate is offered at DeLaMar Theater.

We have a number of goals in the area of food and drink to be more sustainable in the future. For example, we only want to serve organic meat and fish in our restaurant. In addition, we would like to introduce a Meatless Monday. On Monday, no more meat will be offered in the theater. Finally, we want to work even more with local and organic products.


Since July 1, 2023, we have not used cardboard cups in the theater. In addition, we no longer use mono packaging. We encourage actors and employees to drink from Doppers and glasses. By doing this we reduce the amount of plastic waste. We separate: paper, swill, glass and residual waste. All the paper we use, including toilet paper and paper towels, has an FSC quality mark. This contributes to the protection of our worldwide forests and to a healthy environment for humans and animals. The cleaning agents that we, and our suppliers use, have an ECO quality mark.


We try do as much as possible within DeLaMar Theater to handle our water carefully. For example, the showers, urinals and taps at the washbasins in the building are all water-saving. In the Artist’ Lounge and in the Grand Café we are at to moment installing water tapping with sparkling water.


Next to all the waste and energy saving methods we also consider it’s important to contribute to the society itself. We do this through a collaboration with JINC. This organization fights for a society in which your background does not determine your future. That is why JINC helps young people aged 8 to 16, who grow up in a high-unemployment environment with few role models, on their way to a good start in the labor market. Through the JINC program they become acquainted with all kinds of professions, they discover which work suits their talents and they learn to apply. This way, thanks to JINC, more than 47,000 primary and secondary school pupils get the opportunity to grow annually. DeLaMar Theater contributes to making JINC projects possible by offering lightning courses and makes employees available as volunteers, in the role of trainer or coach. In this way we strengthen our connection with society and offer participating young people an inspiring experience.

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