Low-stimulus facilities

DeLaMar understands that a visit to the theater can be tiring for people who quickly become overstimulated. That is why we offer extra facilities for visitors who are sensitive to stimuli. In collaboration with the Stichting Onbeperkt Genieten, we sometimes provide low-stimulus shows.

What low-stimulus facilities are there?

A low-stimulus reception area has been set up. This room is closed off with a door and there is no music on in this reception room. The space can be used before, during or after the show. Reservations in advance are required.

Two seats are reserved for stimuli-sensitive visitors at each show (based on availability). These seats are located on the balcony on the outside of the row and close to the low-stimulus reception area. There is always an empty chair distance from the next visitor. These seats can be booked through our customer service. (If a show is almost sold out, the seats will be released for regular sale.)

There is guidance available to show you the way to the reception room and your place in the room.

How do I use the low-stimulus facilities?

If you would like to book the specially reserved seats, please contact us by telephone. If you only want to use the low-stimulus reception area, please contact us at least 48 hours before the show via the contact form (select My visit today/tomorrow as the subject).

If the reservation has been confirmed, you can report to our theater box office or a theater employee in the entrance hall upon arrival at the theater. You will be taken to the room by an employee.

If you want to choose your own seats, we recommend booking seats on the left side of the balcony at the end of the row in rows 3 to 6. From the end of these rows, the exit from the balcony to the foyers is close by.

Low-stimulus shows

There are currently no low-stimulus shows planned.

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